Pet carriers are little mobile boxes, cages, or crates usually used to safely transport small domestic animals like cats, dogs, lizards, mice, hamsters, ferrets, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, etc, from one place to another. It could be a school bus, taxi, limousine, sedan, town car, SUV, or a pick up truck or van. Usually it has a harness strap on the back for safety of the pet, and a tray in front for feeding and drinking. Some pet carriers even have a second cat carrier flap on the side for the pet to rest their head on.

The majority of pet cat carriers reviewed in this article had excellent reviews from cat owners who found that they were comfortable and well constructed. Most carriers were easy to use and transport. Two cats that were successfully carried from home to the vet’s office or animal hospital had no trouble with the transport.

The carrier that received the most positive reviews was the soft-sided pet carrier. This particular carrier has a strong plastic base and sides that are contoured to provide support for the pet. One reviewer stated, “I have a 10-month-old pup and she fits perfectly.” Another wrote, “The cat carrier is very well-made and extremely lightweight. I definitely recommend it.”

This review, however, did not rate the carrier as highly as some other reviewers. One reviewer stated that the carrier was “a bit narrow for a cat, but it was still very roomy for her to move around in.” Another cat owner stated that the blanket that came with the cat carrier was very thin and not very supportive, so she would not recommend it to anyone with larger breed cats. And, one cat owner who lives in the country commented that he did not like the look of the carrier at all. He stated, “It was not big enough for me and I am not very tall, so it slipped over my head when I tried to sit on it.”

This cat carrier is ideal for cats with nervous habits. It will keep your cat out of the way of other hazards, while giving her the security of feeling safe. It is also useful for people who travel by bike, train, bus, or car because it provides the convenience of carrying her in the carrier, rather than placing her in a car seat or in front of you. The carrier is very lightweight and can easily be folded so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Most reviewers agree that cat carriers offer a lot of benefits for pet owners. A lot of them have tried the various styles and find that they are comfortable and useful. The only thing most reviewers could not agree on was the importance of taking your pet with you when traveling. Some pet owners state their dogs are more anxious than their cats if they had to travel with them.