As a prepper, the following are some of the things that you need to keep in mind in case you ever find yourself in a survival situation that is an emergency. They apply if you find yourself stranded in the wilderness:
Don’t panic
The most important thing on the list is not to panic. When you panic, it might cause you to come up with decision which could end up altering your fate. Though who have wrecked a vehicle and left to where they thought was safer ended up in a risk which is higher than you thought, getting yourself in the same situation but without the need gear and supplies.
Take some deep breaths, leveling your head, trying to place your priorities in order as you assess the situation. You need to get the best idea of your location as you can, making sure that you have everything you can be able to gather if you leave where you are currently.
Assess the danger which is immediate
It is something that is more applicable if you happen to get into a vehicle wreck as compared to a walking accident, but in the event of a leak in your boat spring, or a plan crashing, there might be limited amount of time to get out of danger immediately.
For the case of a boat sinking and you are in it, then you have to get out of it, but in a vehicle on land or a plane crash there might be the risk of explosion or a fire breaking out, and if your seat belt is still fastened, which might be broken and twisted, then it might be a higher threat than lacking of shelter or water.