Nicotine salts happen to be all the rage currently, and for a good reason! They offer a far more satisfying vaping experience than conventional e-water. However, with the amount of diverse nicotine sodium possibilities out there, it may be challenging to know which meets your needs. In this post, we are going to explore the different types of vape pens and enable you to choose the ideal one for the vaping demands!

Several types of smoking salts

There are some different types of cigarette smoking salts that you could choose between. The sort of nicotine sodium that you choose is determined by what you are interested in?

Pure nicotine salts may be found in two principal kinds:

●Freebase nicotine sea salt – Freebase pure nicotine is the most everyday sort of smoking sea salt. It will be the purest type of smoking and it is the kind of smoking that may be typically used in traditional e-liquids. Freebase cigarette smoking carries a increased pH stage, that will make it harsher on your own neck.

●Protonated cigarette smoking sodium- Protonated cigarette smoking sea salt is a newer sort of cigarette smoking sea salt that has a lower pH level than freebase cigarette smoking. This makes it smoother on your neck and much easier to vape. Protonated nicotine sodium is additionally far more dependable, meaning it can go longer with your e-liquid.

What sort of pure nicotine salt fits your needs?

The kind of pure nicotine sea salt which you decide on depends on your individual tastes and vaping requirements. If you are looking for the a lot more intense nicotine strike, then freebase nicotine sea salt is the ideal solution. Should you be looking for any easier vape with a lesser throat success, then protonated cigarette smoking sea salt will be the better option.

No matter what form of smoking sea salt you select, make certain you choose a respected brand that utilizes higher-quality components. This will make certain you possess a rewarding and safe vaping experience.


Choosing the ideal pure nicotine salt for your personal vaping demands is important to make certain a satisfying and risk-free vaping experience. Various kinds of cigarette smoking salts offer different positive aspects, so make sure you select the one which best suits your needs and requirements.