If you’re searching for a better strategy to appreciate your concentrates, then you should think of employing a cup dab rig. Dab rigs offer you several positive aspects that other approaches just can’t go with. This website submit will discuss the many benefits of using a window dab rig!

Advantages #01: Window Dab Rigs Provide Far better Flavor.

One of many main reasons why men and women use glass dab rig is because offer much better flavour. By using a window dab rig, the vapour has nowhere to visit but up in your jaws. Which means that you’ll have the ability to get pleasure from every one of the tasty flavours that your particular concentrates are offering!

Advantage #02: Cup Dab Rigs Will Be More Productive.

One more reason why cup dab rigs are incredibly well-known is they are more productive than other strategies. Having a glass dab rig, the vapor will go directly into your lungs. Consequently you’ll have more bang for your buck!

Advantage #03: Glass Dab Rigs Are Easier To Clear.

Cleaning your cup dab rig is easy! All you need is some rubbing alcohol and a few minutes or so of the time. Examine that for the hours it requires to clean a bong or water pipe, and you could understand why cup dab rigs are the ideal solution!

Advantage #04: Window Dab Rigs Offer you Transportability.

Yet another excellent good thing about glass dab rigs is transportability. As opposed to bongs and pipes, that may be cumbersome and difficult to move, glass dab rigs are small and easy to carry with you on the run. Whether you’re going to some friend’s property or taking a getaway out from community, you can rest assured understanding that your glass dab rig will likely be with you!


As you can tell, there are numerous benefits of utilizing a cup dab rig. If you’re looking for a far better way to appreciate your concentrates, then be sure to give 1 a try! You won’t be let down. I appreciate you reading!