Most of us, if not all, have ever found ourselves in a situation where we forgot our house cars back at work or lost our keys, or you even locked the keys in the house. Or at least, we have the fear of losing or forgetting the keys.

So what do you do when that happens?

● The first thing you probably hope for is that you left at least one window open. Especially if you left your keys inside the house. And this is probably the best first idea. While it may not be your norm, go around the house and check for an open window.

● If there aren’t any open windows, you might want to make use of your credit cards. This is a trick that works well with different types of locks. Try jiggling the doorknob simultaneously, while swiping your card through the door crack.

● If the above two options don’t work, you might want to find your landlord if you are renting. Chances are, they have their own set of keys to all the apartment units they own. This would be beneficial if they lice close by. They might not mind stopping by and letting you in.

● The next best option, if all of the above does not work for you is to find a Car locksmith near you. They are professional and have the necessary expertise to let you in your house without too much trouble.

This might also be a dreaded option, considering it might cost you back a good amount of money. But it is the safest and the fastest way to get back into your house. This will also ensure that your door remains intact, untampered with, and safe, for when you leave next.